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  • Name: Rim siam
  • Nationality: Egyption
  • Email: rimsiam@hotmail.com

"Rim" , an Egyptian business woman who wanted to create her own independent business to realize her ambitions and to become self reliant economically and socially . Therefore , she chose a line of business that women rarely choose as Middle Eastern or over the world : " Antique Dealer".
Recently , Rim started to think about taking on a role as a mentor to empower other women and to teach them new ' skills ' , so she submitted the first training program for Middle Eastern women to teach sewing art & craft carpentry.
Rim think this training will give another chance to women who did not have a chance to go to school and will make their future brighter. She think this will be a proof that Middle Eastern women can do what men can do if given support. Rim believe that Empowering women by teaching them new skills is the best way of fighting against gender inequality and women's dependency.
In 2009 , Rim submitted her success story with the Hot Mommas Project ( HMP ), an award-winning women’s leadership program housed at the George Washington University School Of Business DC and included in the mission of GWSB’s Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence. She became the first woman from Arab Countries who not only shared her story with the Hot Mommas Project, but became the 2009 winner of the Middle East Award.

What I Do ?

For the past few years she has served as Country Manager for the Hot Mommas Project. In that time, she has formed the Middle East delegation in order to engage women around the world in helping to build Cultural, Entrepreneurial and Commercial bridges . She encouraged women from the Middle East to share their stories and serve as examples of leadership both personally and professionally, and this was extremely important not just in the Middle East, but for women globally.

  • In 2011 Rim received the " Middle East Women Helping Women Award"
  • Rim is also the Middle East Representative & Director of (WEBB)

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